Roche Cassée, Stowe
PO Box 2099
Commonwealth of Dominica
Tel (767) 616-5999

9.8 Rated by guests

Where Nature Rules

Dominica has two airports. Canefield serves small private planes and courier services. Melville Hall is not a jetport but serves numerous flights from other islands including San Juan, Puerto Rico, Antigua, Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Maarteen. Click the link below for Liat, Seabourne Airlines, AirSunshine and BVI Airlines.

Dominica is 29 miles long and 16 miles wide. Although this sounds small, the island is very mountainous, therefore the roads are very circuitous and rather narrow. Driving is not for the timid, but really the best way for the independent traveler to enjoy the island freely. Local buses and taxis are an alternative along with customized tours. Driving is on the left of the road as in the UK. And yes, Zandoli has parking.

To and from Guadeloupe, Martinique and St. Lucia. See www.express-des-iles.com for the schedule.

Car Rental
Car Rental should be done well in advance especially during the winter months and holiday times. Dominica map.

What to bring
Waterproof sandals (like TEVAs) are very good… even for walking in Roseau where the sidewalks are very uneven. For hiking and walking you will need shoes with gripping soles that can get wet. Sneakers are good. Perhaps full leather hiking boots are not as appropriate as there are often rivers to traverse. Swimsuits, sunglasses and
sunscreen together with a cool hat to protect you from the sun are important. A small hiking backpack is a good idea. Light t-shirts and tops for day time. Dress code is casual and it’s appropriate to be conservative.

Being Green
...has always been our goal and we constantly strive to be environmentally responsible. Serious composting, collecting rainwater, energy saving lighting, solar hot water and no use of pesticides are all in practice.

At Zandoli we are 240 volts – just like Britain. However we can help charge your special batteries in the office where we have a transformer.

The official currency is East Caribbean Dollars (EC$2.68 = US$1.00). ATM cash machines give East Caribbean cash. US dollars are accepted by most establishments and street vendors at various rates. Credit cards (VISA and Mastercard) are accepted by many places but not all.

Things we have
E-mail access through the office computer, WiFi, a safe in the office, and laundry service.

Things we don’t have
TV, radio, air conditioning mini bar fridges. Please bring your earphones if you use any noise making device.

Do e-mail us with further questions zandoli@cwdom.dm