Roche Cassée, Stowe
PO Box 2099
Commonwealth of Dominica
Tel (767) 616-5999

9.8 Rated by guests

Plunge Pool

Best View

Where Nature Rules

The red-roofed inn, of Caribbean/Mediterranean style, is simply but exquisitely designed and considered by many to be an architectural gem. There are five spacious guest rooms with private baths, balconies and views of the sea and forest. Resident guests are assured of personal and attentive service from our helpful staff.

The grounds, tiny bar at the front desk, dining room and dining patio comprise the shared space at Zandoli. A book table features books and information about Dominica and things tropical. The ‘take-a-book-leave-a-book’ library has Scrabble and other board games.

Outdoors you can easily spend a relaxing day without leaving the grounds of the hotel.

Relax by the plunge pool – take a day off from adventures to relax or finish that book at this very special spot.

Walk the trails that traverse our six acre property. Take a rest on one the benches scattered throughout. There are many photo opportunities and perhaps you’ll spot a hummingbird nest. Find the young date palms, listen for the bamboo squeak and inspect the vanilla vine, nutmeg and avocado trees among many other trees and plants.

Zandoli Inn Island View

Go down several sets of stairs to enjoy the amazing boulder shoreline – the perfect meditation spot for some, for others an exploring adventure. Some guests spend the day here. For those who are agile and adventuresome, an ocean snorkel awaits. Do bring your gear.